Michael Rivard – MSW, LICSW

Michael’s Bio:

Michael is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor, and Consultant.  Michael received his Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Minnesota in 1995. He practiced as a Licensed School Social Worker from 1995 – 2010 before becoming a Special Education Supervisor.  Michael holds a K-12 Principal License, Direction of Special Education license, and a six year certificate in Education Administration. During the past four years, he serves as an Assistant Elementary Principal in a public school district.  Previous experiences also include practice at a Rule 31 clinic in St. Cloud evaluating adolescents and adults for chemical dependency and anger issues.  He has also provided supervision for mental health skills training with children and adolescent as well as providing family therapy under Children’s Therapeutic Support Services at a private mental health clinic.  Michael’s previous work in the school setting included performing assessments for special education, planning and programming of behavioral and mental health services, and providing crisis intervention and long-term treatment for students with various disabilities.  Throughout these years, he has worked with many families in their homes addressing some of these same issues that children struggle with at school.  Michael utilizes cognitive-behavioral, brief solution-based, and health resiliency approaches in working with children and families.  He especially enjoys working with children and adolescents challenged with disruptive behavioral disorders, anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities.  Michael has also engaged in work with adolescents and adults struggling with chemical dependency and anger issues often referred from county court services because of convictions for assault, disorderly conduct, and minor consumption.  He is a former Army Reserve Non-Commissioned Officer.