Linda Scherer


Linda Scherer is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, LICSW providing individual, couples, and group counseling to adolescents,  adults, and families with a focus on integrative mental health.  Linda has been a licensed therapist for 20 years providing outpatient therapy, residential treatment, and therapy in schools.  Areas of focus include anxiety, depression, anger management, couple’s counseling, and recovery through trauma.

Linda teaches mind-body skills to individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate healing and self-regulation,  increase awareness of and trust in intuition, and connect to inner health at our core.  Exercises include yoga,  mindfulness, guided imagery, art and journaling, and energy clearing and balancing.  Linda offers brainspotting, a brain-based approach to trauma recovery.  Linda also specializes in healing and support for adults undergoing spiritual emergency.  Linda views symptoms as a movement toward wholeness; the body’s way of propelling us toward growth, self-righting and balance.


My certifications also include:

Yoga Calm Certified

Center for Mind Body Medicine certified

Spiritual Emergency coach through IMHU

Level I Brainspotting