Crow River Family Services is a mental health organization based in Hutchinson and Litchfield, Minnesota and currently provides community-based mental health services in central, west-central, and south-central Minnesota. We are certified by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS). We will begin providing outpatient mental health services in July of 2011. Our providers are skilled in a variety of areas and have significant experience in community-based (in-home), school, residential treatment, clinical, and hospital settings.

We have presented numerous trainings throughout the state. Our providers have presented trainings related to adolescent mental health, bullying, suicide awareness and prevention, parenting, youth culture, reactive attachment disorder, and a variety of other topics. We have been annual presenters at the Minnesota Social Services Association State Conference. We have also presented at the Minnesota Corrections Association State Conference, the regional Minnesota School Counselor’s State Conference, numerous high schools, colleges, and community organizations. We also provide training for foster parents, mental health providers, social service agencies, school faculty and staff, churches, and group home/residential treatment center staff.

Other Services:

Diagnostic Assessments

Families often seek assistance because of concerns they have about children’s behaviors, moods or other symptoms.

Treatment Planning

The term diagnosis is derived from a Greek word meaning distinguishing, discernment, or deciding. Diagnosis was used by Hippocrates to refer to the process of medical reasoning.

Social Skills Training

Social skills training (SST) is a form of behavior therapy used by teachers, therapists, and trainers to help persons who have difficulties relating to other people.

Clinical Consultation

Human service work can be challenging and complicated. Effective supervision and consultation supports those who do this work, with the ultimate goal of providing clients with the best possible service and care.

Crisis Assistance

Crisis Assistance provides emergency assistance in regards to …

We also provide referrals for:

  • Medication Consultation and Management
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Complete Psychological Evaluations and Testing
  • Chemical Health Assessments
  • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations
  • Alternate Providers for Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)